CS1400 - Introduction to Computer Science 1, USU (Spring 2017)
I taught the fundamentals of C++: Data Types, Operators, Mathematical Expressions, Making Decisions (if, if/else, and switch statements), Functions, Looping, Classes, Structures, Arrays, and Vectors. (course syllabus)


*In Spring 2019, I am the TA for 'CS 1400 Introduction to Computer Science' and 'CS 6890 Usable Security.'

CS5800 - Introduction to Database Systems (Fall 2018)

I taught two class periods and graded course assignments.

CS5460/6460 - Computer Security I/II, USU (Fall 2017)

My role was to grade homework assignments and course projects. (course syllabus)

CS2610 - Developing Web Applications, USU (Fall 2013)
My role was to help the
course instructor with grading class activities and homework assignments. I also assisted the course instructor in organizing class activities every day of the class. (course syllabus)

CS1400 - Intro Computer Science 1, USU (Spring 2013)
I helped the
course instructor in formulating and grading quizzes and homework assignments. I was also the guest lecturer for three class periods. (course syllabus)