Use of Technology in Education

At Utah State University, Apoorva worked with Dr. Breanne K. Litts to determine the applications of Augmented Reality (AR) mobile technologies in learning. They also examined the role of game-design processes (using programming tools, such as ARIS and PocketCHIP) on the computational thinking skills of school children (ages 9 - 15).

Users' Perceptions of IoTs' Privacy and Security

At Utah State University, Apoorva also had an opportunity to work with Dr. Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen on a project related to IoT security and privacy.

Youth using PocketCHIP

Student teaching a robot about rocks.

Example of a Crisis Named Resource on Facebook

Teachable Conversational Agents

Apoorva is currently working with Drs. Edith Law and Elizabeth Nilsen on the Teachable Robot project. The aim of this project is to design a teachable robot agent that acts as a less knowledgeable peer to be taught by elementary-school students, and use this teachable robot agent as an experimentation platform to study technology-mediated learning.

Social Media Use During Crisis Events

Apoorva during her graduate programs worked with Dr. Amanda Lee Hughes on the following research projects-

  • [Project 1]  Studied the use of Facebook, Twitter, Nixle, and online websites by fire and police departments affected by the 2012 Hurricane Sandy.
  • [Project 2]  Conducted a comparative review of a Mexican First Aid App, Primeros Auxilios.
  • [Project 3]  Identified and studied the communication behaviors of official information sources on their websites, public Facebook pages, and/or Twitter accounts during the 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire. Also studied the timeliness and relevance of the information provided by these sources during the wildfire.
  • [Project 4]  Explored the lifecycle, relevance, role, and popularity of crisis named resources (CNRs) around the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfire. CNRs are the social media accounts and pages named after a crisis event.
  • [Project 5]  Analyzed the perceived trustworthiness of social media profiles named after a crisis event (a.k.a, CNRs).