Role of Social Media during COVID-19

Apoorva's current research examines the Crisis Named Resources on Facebook, Twitter, and Redditt created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teachable Conversational Agents

At University of Waterloo, Apoorva worked on the Teachable Robot project with the aim to design a teachable conversational agent that acts as a less knowledgeable peer to be taught by students, and use this agent as an experimentation platform to study technology-mediated learning.


Users' Perceptions of IoTs' Privacy and Security

At Utah State University, Apoorva helped conduct a lab study to investigate- What are users’ perceptions of information collection (as well as information sharing) by IoT devices and how do their perceptions compare with the actual data practices?


Use of Social Media During Crisis Events

Using 2012 Hurricane Sandy, 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire, 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire, and 2017 Hurricane Irma as case studies, Apoorva investigated- (a) Who contributes to the crisis-related information online? (b) What do they share? and (c) How do people evaluate the trustworthiness of these contributions?

Use of Technology in Education

At Utah State University, Apoorva helped conduct workshops with school children (ages 9 - 15) to investigate- (a) How do children engage in outdoor debugging when designing their own mixed reality, location-based games? and (b) How does designing a location-based mobile game about civic and social issues affect children’s perception about those issues?